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DTEC Fabrication is a UK based fabrication facility which is able to produce all types of trays and column internals.
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DTEC Fabrications is a UK based fabrication facility which is able to produce all types of trays and other column internals.

The workshop is flexible to the extent that it can produce extensive quantities of trays for complete column change outs whilst also being aligned to manage quick deliveries for turnaround emergency responses. We manufacture all types of column internal attachments such as tray rings, bolting bars, beam support stools etc.

DTEC produce new drawings for replacement equipment it provides. Sometimes we find that existing OEM drawing are of poor quality or not even available. In such circumstances we will site measure equipment and
draw from scratch.

For our manufacturing process we hold stocks of raw materials to facilitate the emergency response capability and work in all types of materials from standard carbon steels through to exotic alloys.

Also stocked are complete ranges of hardware for mass transfer equipment fixings. These components are made available during turnarounds via our HRS (Hardware Replacement Service) on a sale or return basis.

In-house manufacturing- Rapid Turnaround.

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Specialist Stainless Steel Fabrications
in Stoke on Trent

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